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Have You Visited The Reindeer Shop?

No carols, no crazy ads, no funny sweater.  We just want to plant a seed.

Have you visited the Reindeer Shop yet?

The Elves have been hard at work and stocking it up with all sorts of great Christmas swag!

They’ve been putting out some pretty cool things for this year, and they have some specials throughout the rest of the shopping season, and some Top Secret Santa Specials for our tech-heavy friends (new iPhone under our tree?  Anyone?).  They’ve got a wrapping station to help the kids with their shopping, and some great perks for folks who bring the Team!

Family, Friends, Teams, Teachers:  they’ve got something for everybody! 
So, avoid the Mall!  Throw away your list.  Sneakers, gloves, toys, coats, balls, whistle for coach, or whatever you’re buying for Christmas.

Come and visit the Elves at Disco Sports and finish off your list at the Reindeer Shop!


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