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We’re Going To Need a Bigger Store

With all of the recent sporting news and tournaments, we’re trying to keep up with our gear.  The Redskins may bring training camp right here to Richmond, players like Peyton Manning are switching teams, and it’s March Madness Time.  We’re going to need a bigger store for all of the new shirts and jerseys that we’re going to have to carry.

Redskins owner Daniel Snyder upset his constituents with his seeming disregard for the 2010 Salary Cap restrictions.  Everyone else tried to play fair, and Snyder, true to form, threw some more money into the air.

They did manage to sign some decent wide receivers, and those players will hopefully make welcome targets for Robert Griffin III, the Baylor quarterback that the Redskins hope to pick up in the upcoming draft.  Griffin seems like a good kid, and is the son of not one, but two U.S. Army parents who instilled in him a strong work ethic and a military discipline.  He won the Heisman Trophy, but then again, so did Chris Weinke and Gino Torretta.  Still, a refreshing change from the Albert Haynesworth days.

In other news, Peyton Manning had a productive meeting with the Tennessee Titans.  An 8-hour productive meeting.  He had been rumored to be heading to Washington, and then south Florida.  The Dolphins will be fighting for Manning with the Broncos and the Cardinals, but Manning already has some connections with Tennessee.   He played his college ball at the University of Tennessee, and it’s not that far from Indy, where he still has a home and plenty of connections.

In more local news, we’re getting ready to catch the VCU game.

VCU is often touted as an underdog, but they’re about the best in the country in defense, and they’ve actually gotten better since Shaka Smart led them to March Madness last year.  Many are pointing out that the Rams lost many of their players from last year, but they still have a leader in Bradford Burgess, a return from last year’s team.  VCU is also coming off of a great CAA run, which is great prep for an NCAA run.  And while the odds are stacked highly against them, they did finish their regular season 17-1.

We’re going to be pulling for our guys to get their offense going, and hopefully keeping a powerful Wichita State from racking up points.  And lest you forget, the Lady Rams are hitting Bowling Green at 7 p.m.  Couldn’t find a listing for a broadcast, but you can follow the ladies on twitter @vcuwbb.  Give them some love.

We’re going to be wearing our CAA Championship shirts, and hopefully we can order up some NCAA Championship versions!CAA Champ shirt

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