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I Think Skateboarding Should be Our Next Olympic Sport

This week’s post comes from Andrew Barron, soccer fanatic, track fiend, hockey nut, and avid skateboarder! He has a great idea for our next Olympic Sport!

We’re getting ready for the Summer Olympics in London. Thousands of athletes from around the world are coming to compete. They are the best of the best in each of their individual sports. I admire a lot of these elite athletes. I even compete in some of their sports. I enjoy hockey, soccer, track, and lacrosse. I started playing soccer when I was really young, and now I’m 14 and still loving it!

I’ve been thinking, though, that we need to add a new Olympic Sport:


First of all, let’s look at some “sports” that are currently Olympic events:

• Badminton: It’s like tennis for slow people. Sure, these guys are working a strategy, but the birdie is designed to travel slowly and there’s not a lot of movement going on.
• Synchronized Swimming: They don’t actually swim; they just kind of tread water. It seems like the key is being able to hold your breath for a long time.
• Sailing: The boat does all of the work. Really?
• Curling: Shuffleboard on ice and your key piece of equipment is a broom.
• Golf: If you watch the PGA you’ll see fat golfers and golfers who smoke. Skill? Yes, but not really athletes.

When you watch a professional skateboarder you’ll see some things that may be familiar to other, more traditional sports. A good skater can leap and do handstands like a gymnast, has a routine like a figure skater, needs a good sense of balance, and has to have the physical strength and stamina to complete a trick or a routine.

If you don’t believe me, watch this video and decide for yourself if Killian Martin has any athletic skills.



Kilian Martin: Altered Route (a Skate Film) from mb! by Mercedes-Benz on Vimeo.


When Michael Phelps won his medals they put him on cereal boxes and had him selling sandwiches. Success in the Olympics can win an athlete endorsement deals for clothing, equipment, and all sorts of other stuff. Well, you know what? That little video by Killian Martin was sponsored by Mercedes Benz. Not a bad deal. He also has deals with board companies and clothing guys.

I like to play soccer, run track, and do those other things because I like to be active. It beats sitting on the couch. I like to be a part of a team, and I like the feeling of learning something new and getting better at my sport. These are all feelings that I also get when I skate. A couple of years ago they added Snowboarding as a Winter Sport. There is no doubt that what Shawn White does is physically challenging and that he is an athlete. You know what? Shawn is a skateboarder also. We could watch him compete in the winter AND the summer!

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One Response to “I Think Skateboarding Should be Our Next Olympic Sport”

  1. Grandma Sally says:

    Hey Andrew,

    Great blog! Laguna is a skateboarding town! It’s one of the hottest topics around: skateboarders vs. drivers on the hills. Some of the hills have actually been banned to the skateboarders. I can understand the kids wanting to skate and imp roe their skills, but i know from experience how scary it is to come face to face with a kid coming around a corner or roaring through an intersection while I’m driving a car. Car vs. skateboarder is not a happy situation for either!

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