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Nike Elite Socks are Built for Competition

Any athlete who requires socks in their sport (and other than our good friends the swimmers, who doesn’t?) can tell you: having the right high-performance pair is essential for competing at the top of your game.

And we’re here to tell you: socks don’t get more high-performance for athletes than Nike Elites. And we’re just gotten a huge new shipment of them in the shop, ready for any abuse you can throw at them.

Nike Elite Socks use Dri-FIT (skiers and snowboarders in particular will recognize that name) fabric to remove moisture and help keep your feet drier longer.

What’s more is that Nike has customized their socks to particular activities’ needs. The Nike Elite Basketball Socks are specifically constructed with a snug ankle fit to keep from falling down through the fast breaks and jump shots. The Nike Running Sock has reinforced cushioning at high-pressure areas for increased comfort as well as durability.

Our Nike Elite socks are on sale now for $13.99. Come and get them while we’ve got them in stock!

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