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Thorlos Socks Now in Stock – 1/2 OFF Sale!

Thorlos: Your Protection against Foot Conditions

The more active you are, the more likely you are to have a foot condition that could interfere with your enjoyment of the activity, and maybe even stop you from participating entirely. Regular socks not only don’t help—they actually may be the cause, by slipping around in the shoe or absorbing moisture. Independent research shows that Thorlos clinically-tested padded socks (CTPS), properly fitted with your shoes and any inserts or orthotics, can help protect against these harmful effects. We have specially designed, activity-specific, clinically-tested padded socks for just about every activity. Our Product Finder will identify the best padded Thorlos for you. Watch our design videos, which tell you how much work and testing go into the making of our activity-specific Thorlos. Because we put the padding in just the right places for each sport, the chances of your developing a foot condition is reduced.

Get 1/2 off your own pair of select Thorlos socks during our in-store sale going on now! 

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