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Custom fitting goggles

Getting properly fitted for goggles is important for many reasons! Here at Disco Sports our staff is trained in the proper way to fit both kids and adults for their perfect pairs of goggles! A pair of goggles with a correct fit will be tight enough to keep water, and chlorine, out of the eyes without being uncomfortable for the swimmer. With correct fitting, every swimmer should have goggles that make them feel comfortable and safe while giving them a clear view of what’s ahead!

No matter what type of swimmer you are we have the goggles you need. Whether it’s a low profile racing goggle or goggles specialing in comfort for fitness swimmers, we have it all! We carry goggles from Speedo, TYR, Arena and Nike! We have the popular vanquisher goggles as well as the TYR swimples for beginning swimmers!

We also carry prescription goggles for those swimmers who wear glasses or contacts, and they are the same price as our normal goggles!! While we can try to help swimmers determine what prescription they need, it is best to come with a general idea of prescription number. We usually carry prescription goggles ranging anywhere from -1.5 to -4.0 prescription numbers. If you already have your goggles, we can also help you find any accessories or practice suits that you may need!


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