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Baseball/Softball bags to the rescue

Traveling to and from practice doesn’t have to be a pain. Chuck shows how easy packing for baseball can be AND HOW MUCH you can fit into our baseball and softball bags. Ours wasn’t even completely full and had plenty of room for a spare change of clothes, a water bottle, and snacks. 

Curious what all fits into the bag? Here’s the full list of items in the video below:

  • Size 13 cleats
  • A helmet 
  • 1 bat (There’s a holder on the other side for another)
  • 2 gloves
  • Batting gloves
  • 1 knee brace 
  • 1 pair of baseball pants
  • (And there was still room for so much more!) As always we carry all of your favorite brands from Wilson, to Rawling, Demarini and more!

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