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Why lifeguarding could be the best thing you do this summer!

School is almost over and summer applications are being filled out. If you want a summer job but you’re unsure what you’d like to do this summer, maybe lifeguarding could be the job for you! Here are just a few reasons why.

You can be a hero!

Being a lifeguard entails learning CPR which could lead to saving someone’s life. That’s a valuable skill you will carry with you forever. You could potentially save a drowning child or even someone at dinner choking. We’re not saying to do it for the glory, but to do it save someone else’s life.

Meet new people!

Sometimes the only place you can meet friends is at school and through sports and other activities. Lifeguarding at your local pool, YMCA or camp could be a great place to make lasting friendships. Working side by side with your coworkers swapping stories about your days create bonds and bring you closer together! 

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Learn valuable skills!

Besides CPR, lifeguarding requires teamwork, problem-solving and communication within the team. These are invaluable skills you’ll appreciate the rest of your life and working career. You will also learn leadership skills while working with the kids at the pool. You’ll learn how to clearly communicate with the kids to keep them safe. All of these skills are great and will help you in multitudes of ways but you’ll also be taking on a great deal of responsibility with this job in many ways. Whether it be paying attention on the job to make sure all rules are followed, or showing up to work on time, or managing your money you’re earning in a responsible way. 

Work on your tan while getting paid!

This is a no-brainer, but only applies if you’re working at an outdoor pool or camp. Slather up on that sunscreen and enjoy your “outdoor office.” Besides the tan, you get to enjoy the scenery and people watch while you work, how cool is that? Becoming a bronze beauty (or beau) is just an added perk!




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