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Eurotard Dancewear Jazz & Ballet shoes Now Available !

Eurotard Dancewear Jazz & Ballet Shoes now available!

The Assemblé
Split sole canvas ballet shoes feature pre-sewn criss cross elastics that are ready to wear, smooth suede soles for easy gliding, and an elastic arch casing that enhances the shape of your foot. 

The Axle
Soft, full grain leather jazz shoes with slip resistant EVA soles, arch highlighting insert, and low profile with stretch and hold opening.
The Coupé
This premium leather adult ballet shoe is ready-to-wear with a pre-sewn, crisscross elastic and a soft, drawstring free elastic binding. The full grain leather uppers contour effortlessly to the shape of the foot for exquisite lines and supreme comfort.
The Passé
Designed for little ones, this leather ballet slipper features a pre-sewn, crisscross elastic strap and a soft, drawstring free elastic binding for a secure, distraction free fit.


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