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Our Services

Team Sales

If it’s time to gear up the team, it’s time to give us a call. We can help with uniforms, equipment, trophies, and whatever else you might need to kick the season off right!
But we’re not just here to make a sale; we’re here to see your team geared up right and enjoying their sport.


Our embroidery and lettering departments are in house and on site. We take great pride in stitching, printing and lettering your uniforms, hats and tees. The Disco Sports team members who head these departments have been happily providing these services for 20 + years.

Awards & Trophies

When the games are played, the races over, and the matches won, where do all the trophies and awards plaques come from? From Disco, of course! We can provide a whole team’s worth of trophies, a specially made MVP plaque, and everything in between.

More Than a Store

Their devotion to the Disco Sports “way of life” and their experience and expertise are what set our service departments apart from the rest. Whether you need a whole team equipped, want a logo embroidered on polo shirts, or just need a glove steamed or re-strung, Disco Sports is there for you.

Going the extra mile – like visiting a club or team for uniform fitting, or setting up a mobile “swim shop” at meets– is only natural. For us, it’s all part of supporting our local sports clubs and teams.