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7 tips for dance recital season

7 tips for dance recital season

Recital season is around the corner and we understand it can be very stressful. But it doesn't have to be! These tips and tricks can help your dance recital week be stressfree and full of fantastic memories!

1) Plan Ahead & Make a Checklist

Plan for everything! Making a checklist of any items you'll need for the recital, and your backup items should go on the checklist as well. Attention to the little details will make all of the difference on the big day! Start setting aside items you'll need for the recital in advance, like hair accessories, makeup, costumes and more, so that way the week of will feel like a breeze! Pick up an extra set of tights at Disco Sports (you will need them), and while you're here you can also grab the undergarments, shoes and a spare practice leotard just in case. If you start packing now, that's less stress later and you won't scramble at the last minute and forget things before the big day.

2) Label Everything

Label your bag in case you leave it somewhere and another person finds it. Label your costumes and accessories with the corresponding recital number. Anything that might help with the franticness of behind the scenes of recitals.

3) Make Copies of Your Rehearsal Schedule

We know the big day is the recital, but rehearsals are just as important! Once you have your rehearsal schedule, look it over and make sure you know WHERE you're rehearsing. Make several copies so in case one is lost you still have the important info!
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4) Bring Extras

If something gets lost or torn it's really important to have backups you can quickly grab. No one plans on ripping their tights or having a strap of a dress come loose, but recitals are high energy events and anything can happen. Keeping an extra pair of tights, safety pins and bobby pins on hand will help alleviate those issues. Tums are usually a godsend for the Nervous Nellys as well. Babywipes, hairspray, and band-aids are some other things you could pack just in case.

5) Eat Smart and Stay Hydrated!

All of this extra running around and high tensions can ensure you'll get thirsty. Stay hydrated! Pack a large water bottle that you can refill on location. The same goes for food. You might need a little something to tide you over until you get home. Pack some healthy snacks for yourself and your friends.

6) Prepare Your Gifts!

Gifts are not a must-have on this list, but worth mentioning. You can purchase or even make a small gift for your friends, teacher or even parents to show a small token of appreciation. You could give your dancer friends a stuffed animal or small piece of jewelry. Handmade cards are always appreciated and very thoughtful. You could get super creative and make a small dance and song to sing to someone telling them how special they are to you! Whatever you choose, make a list of the important people who helped your big day be a success and think of a way to thank them!

7) Take Time to Enjoy Your Big Day!

Don't forget to take a step back and enjoy the day! Recitals can be a bit overwhelming and be over before you know it. To ease preshow jitters for your dance, pack an iPod loaded with your favorite songs and a spare set of headphones, just in case your friend forgot theirs. Pack your favorite stuffed animal so you can give it a big squeeze before going on stage. You can pack anything to help you relax and ease into the performance with style and confidence.
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