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FREE SHIPPING on orders $79+ with code "FreeShipping" + Curbside Pickup Available
FREE SHIPPING on orders $79+ with code "FreeShipping" + Curbside Pickup Available
Baseball Department Sale!

Baseball Department Sale!

Located in the foothills of the Catskills Mountains, Cooperstown is home to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, the National Soccer Hall of Fame, the Fenimore Art Museum and the Glimmerglass Opera. It’s also the destination for Baseball ALLSTARS! If you’re heading to Cooperstown CONGRATULATIONS! Also, you’ll need KNICKER BASEBALL PANTS to play in - DISCO SPORTS has them!!! Look no further and wait no longer - get your Knickers for Cooperstown TODAY!
Baseball and Softball Summer Camps are UnderWay!
Is it the hottest time of the year? You betcha! But your kids don’t care because they’re at SUMMER CAMP! Yay! They’re gonna get extra dirty and extra smelly, and because of that they’re gonna need EXTRA pants, EXTRA socks, EXTRA undergarments, sliding shorts and - well - EXTRA deodorant! Some of that we can’t help with - but the extra attire we can. We’ve got MIZUNO, WILSON, and EASTON baseball pants on sale now in white and gray, and MIZUNO softball pants in white, navy, and black.
A Tote-Your-Life-In-One-Bag solution must be the greatest invention of our time!
Wheeled bags and backpacks can hold two bats, a fielding glove, cleats, batting gloves, helmet, a change of clothes, snacks, water bottle, tickets to a new-release movie and loaf of bread! Now that’s impressive! On sale now.
$5 off Maxx HD Sunglasses
These shatterproof sunglasses are perfect for those sunny days on the field! Endorsed by Major League Baseball. Very light on your nose and ears. Excellent glare cutters for sports, fishing, driving, and more. Now on sale with great in-store selection.
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