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FREE SHIPPING on orders $79+ with code "FreeShipping" + Curbside Pickup Available STORE HOURS: M-Sat 10-6pm, Sun 12-5pm
Batting Tips from Bogeys Sports Park

Batting Tips from Bogeys Sports Park

With baseball season right around the corner, it’s important not just to practice, but to practice the right things. Hereare a few tips to get you ready to step up to the plate:
1 – “Good hitting starts with good feet”. This is a quote from Greg Haislip of the West End Baseball School. Greg insiststhat all his students start their swing from a balanced position. Starting from a balanced position will help you transfermore of your power to the ball at impact and will lead to a good balanced finishing position.
2 – When swinging, the bat is the last thing to go. In order to get maximum power from your swing, you must use thepower of your whole body, not just your arms. First, turn your hips so that your belly button faces the pitcher, thenmove your hands across your chest keeping the butt of the bat pointed at the ball, then with the ball out in front of you,throw the barrel of the bat at the ball, making sure to keep your head down looking at the ball.
3 – Get to your finish. Important to both the golf swing and the baseball swing, it is very important to follow throughafter impact. This helps prevent decelerating through the ball, or swinging “at” the ball instead of “through” it. I’veoften pointed out to my own children that if they could stop the swing before their finish, it meant that they had tostart to slow it down much earlier than that. This means that instead of accelerating through the ball, the bat is actuallyin the process of slowing down when contact is made. Swinging through to the finish assures that the bat is moving atmaximum speed through the impact zone and will lead to more powerful hitting.
4 – You’re never too old for T-Ball. Practicing hitting off of a tee can be very effective in improving hand-eyecoordination and hitting the ball off of the sweet spot of the bat. It is also a good tool for helping you improve yourswing mechanics. Often times, when hitting in a batting cage, people will contort themselves in any number of strangepositions just for the sake of making contact with the ball. Using a tee allows you to get in a lot of reps in a short amountof time which will help build the muscle memory of a good sound swing. Disco Sports offers both tees and practice netsto make practicing at home a very productive method of improving your swing.
5 – Don’t wait for the “perfect strike”. The strike zone runs from your knees to your chest. If a pitcher notices that youhave trouble hitting something at your knees, guess where he/she will be aiming. When hitting in a batting cage, you canoften change the height of the pitch simply by moving forward or backward in the batter’s box. This will prepare you tohit high and low pitches. If you can hit anything in the strike zone you will be a much more effective hitter.
Remember, when using the batting cages, not just to try to hit the fastest thing you can, but to use a cage that iscomparable in speed to what the pitchers in your age group are throwing. At Bogeys, we have baseball cages of 35, 45,55, 70 and 80 mph. We also have slow pitch, 45 and 55 mph cages for softball. Please ask one of our attendants if youneed help picking the proper cage. We’re happy to help.

Good luck and I hope you have a successful 2011 baseball/softball season.

Tyler Carlo
General Manager – Bogeys Sports Park

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