A College Football Preview!

A College Football Preview!

The University of Richmond has a scrimmage this Saturday at their River Road field at 3 pm. It’s open to the public.

Other schools are gearing for the gridiron so we thought we’d give you a preview.

Let’s start with the Spiders. They have an exciting linebacker in redshirt junior Darius McMillan. With the Spiders down 3 key players from last year they are in need of a good run-stopper like McMillan. He’ll be joined by the big man transfer from Georgia Tech, Cooper Taylor. U of R had a rotating cast of Quarterbacks last year but are hoping to keep Aaron Corp healthy enough to call plays through the season.

Virginia Tech has been a blast to watch for a while now and we’re hoping Logan Thomas at QB makes this year no different. Thomas has been being groomed for a couple of years now and is showing some much improved on the field play calling. The Hokies have a number of freshmen vying for starting jobs on defense this year but there is a good reason many of the talking heads of the sports world refer to the ACC as the VTC; the Virginia Tech Conference.

The boys in C-Ville are still fighting a QB battle going into the middle of August. Never a good sign. Right now they’re looking at Michael Rocco, Ross Metheny, Michael Strauss, and Hampton High’s David Watford. All are athletic, all show a strong arm, and all are working hard for the job. The biggest question for the Cavaliers is which one shows the skill set and learning curve to execute the offense. Cornerbacks Coach Chip West is getting creative in whipping his guys into shape. At the end of every workout he has them play coach. They make calls and adjustments and show West that they understand the position. While Sports Illustrated has the Hokies ranked at #12 the Cavaliers don’t break the top 25. Let’s hope they pick a gunslinger soon.

That takes care of the Big Three for us. Stay tuned and we’ll take a look at William and Mary, the boys of James Madison, and the rest of the Virginia gridiron gang.

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