Disco Sports Loves VCU!

Disco Sports Loves VCU!

To get to do what we love every day - supporting the Richmond sports community and the fine people in it - is already such an awesome thing. But every now and then we get to experience a big sports event with Richmond that is a whirlwind of activity, excitement, and hometown pride - and for these special occasions we're the luckiest little sports shop in the world. VCU's run in this year's NCAA Tournament was amongst the most exciting we've ever seen - and the first time we've had a blog to say thank you - to VCU and to the people of Richmond.

Of course March Madness is always an exciting time for us here - everyone gets excited about their favorite teams, we get to talk match-ups and brackets with customers all day, and it's just a good time to be a sports fan.But this year was something special when UofR and VCU received their bids. Then the Richmond Schools Upset Spectacular began, and we were off to the races.

Right from the selection special we saw the excitement start boiling. That's what's so great about working at a sports store - the store becomes a hub of sports enthusiasts whenever anything exciting is going on. With two teams in the Sweet Sixteen, the City of Richmond was getting national media attention we've rarely had in the sports world. We already knew it, but now everyone else was finding out too - Richmond is a city with a lot of passionate and proud citizens.

VCU's run was something special. From the widespread doubt about their selection to the extra first round game they had to play - VCU played with something to prove. And what they proved was they could stand toe to toe with any team in the nation - and win convincingly. At the same time, the VCU student body and the City of Richmond proved they could show the kind of passion and dedication to their team usually associated with programs like UNC and Kansas.

It was our distinct pleasure to be a part of it with you all, Richmonders. And to the team: congratulations on what was an amazing tournament run, and thank you for inspiring levels of Richmond and VCU pride unlike anything I've seen before.

I must say, I think I could get used to this hyper-level of RVA/VCU pride!

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