Kathy - Coaching Little League Softball

Kathy - Coaching Little League Softball

As soon as I was too old to play Little League softball, I decided the next best thing was coaching. Playing at Tuckahoe Little League was such a great experience for me, it was too hard to just leave it behind.

Working with girls I had watched grow up really helped me feel connected to the teams, and I enjoyed watching them play, knowing they were having fun just as I was when in their shoes.

I loved passing down my experiences to my players and having them learn from me, as I had from so many awesome coaches throughout my time in the program. Leading my players through close games and tough losses taught me the difficulties of coaching - something I had never understood, always being a player. I learned patience and tolerance, as well as encouragement and leadership, and enjoyed every minute I was on the field.

Though my life has gotten too hectic to volunteer at Tuckahoe, I hope to one day go back into coaching. I, for one, learned many life lessons on the softball field, whether it be wisdom passed down from a coach or picking up knowledge from another player. I hope to pass my good experiences playing Little League softball down to girls of a new generation, in hopes that they will have as much fun on the field as I did.

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