It's Madness! In March!

The term is so ubiquitous and universal that sometimes we forget to think about WHY we call it March Madness. Is there a more exciting and hectic time than the first rounds of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament?

Let's take stock of the first round upsets (8v9 not included):
-VCU(12) over Wichita St.(5) - way to go Rams!
-Colorado(11) over UNLV(6)
-Xavier(10) over Notre Dame(7)
-Lehigh(15) over Duke(2) - this was the 5th time a 15 has upset a 2
-Norfolk St.(15) over Missouri(2) - the ONLY time it's happened twice!
-USF(12) over Temple(5)
-Ohio(13) over Michigan(4) - this busted my bracket big time
-NC State(11) over SDSU(6)
-Purdue(10) over St. Mary's(7)

And more in the second round:
-NC State(11) over Georgetown(3)
-Ohio(13) over USF(12) - what fun it was to watch a 12 and 13 in round 2
-Cincinnati(6) over Florida State(3) - Fla St. was a popular Final 4 pick

Can't wait to see what the Sweet 16 brings!

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