P.E. or Not, Kids Need Activity!

P.E. or Not, Kids Need Activity!

Our governor recently vetoed SB 966 which would have required public schools to provide 150 minutes of physical education per week for all elementary and middle school students. While we cannot disagree with the logic of saving our struggling schools a ton of money over the long term we are saddened that P.E. is the sacrificial lamb.

“While thanking the legislators who encouraged the bill, he suggested other means for children to get plenty of activity by hitting the soccer fields and basketball courts while spending less time in front of computers and video games.”

Thankfully spring in Richmond is rife with opportunities for us to get our youngsters out and active. For soccer fans the Richmond Kickers and the Richmond Strikers (www.richmondstrikers.com, www.richmondkickers.com) have a wide range of camps and events for all age groups and skill levels. The Richmond Tennis Association (www.richmondtennis.org) can have your brood lobbing and ground stroking all summer long. We aren’t far away from hearing the clink of bat on ball as T-Ball and Little Leagues start gearing up.

The important thing is this: We need to be active. Active for our kids and ourselves. Some competition, some team building, some graciousness in winning and some humility in defeat. Some sunshine and some sweaty heads and some good, old fashioned grass stains. I don’t know that there is a mobile app for grass stains.

Maybe the governor’s decision was a good one, maybe it wasn’t. But spring is here and it’s our time to govern. Make P.E. mandatory in your life! Vote YES for fun!

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