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FREE SHIPPING on orders $79+ with code "FreeShipping" + Curbside Pickup Available
Orange Bowl Tshirt

Like Pulp in Your Juice?

We're really not trying to antagonize our Clemson Fans, but how about some Mountaineer Gear? That's right, after West Virginia beat The Tigers to a Pulp in the Orange Bowl, Disco Sports stocked up on some great swag. In addition to some Orange Bowl shirts (celebrating that 70-33 romp!) we have hats, hoodies, jammies, and more! You can take the 'Eers out of the mountains and they can play some ball in Florida, so why not make them at home here in Central Virginia? We also have some great baskets of NFL stuff and college gear that we're parting with for as low as a buck! Come dig through and see for yourself. Don't forget to bring the kids, because we have tons of team gear for the little ones too. We've gotten stocked up from our awesome Christmas sale and we feel like we're looking at a BRAND NEW swim department! All of your goggles, caps, kickboards, and other gear. Plus we have hundreds of new suits and most of them are on sale! Right behind that is lacrosse season, and we've got the latest from Easton with sticks, the best helmets, shoulder pads, and gloves. We're really excited about this one: Ready for it? The Sock.Nike Elite But not just any sock: The Nike Elite. These babies are designed to give you added padding where your dawgs take a beating, they have a woven-in arch support that gives you extra stability, and they use the Dri-FIT technology that Nike's been building into jerseys and shirts. This means that your feet stay dry throughout the longest games and workouts! We should also tell you that these things don't grow on trees and not many retailers have picked up on them....We like to stay ahead of the curve. So lace up your sneakers and get over here.... What's that? You need new sneakers? No problem; rows and rows of new stock. We've got you covered.
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