Ready for Tax-Free Weekend?

Ready for Tax-Free Weekend?

Heard the news? This weekend, Virginia is giving us all a break with a TAX-FREE holiday! August 2-4 is School Supplies & Clothing weekend - and that means we have a bunch of great items that you can get tax-free for the next three days. What sort of items will be eligible? Glad you asked!

-ALL Swim suits (boys, girls, men, and women)

-Swim caps

-NFL jerseys

-Dance tights, leotards, skirts, shorts and pants

-Gymnastics leotards and shorts

-Shoes and shoe laces*

-Socks, including the Nike Elite socks

-Basketball shoes

-Tennis shoes

-College t shirts

-College sweatshirts



-Workout apparel for men and women

-Hats and caps

-Athletic supporters

-Leg warmers

  • *excludes cleats and dance shoes
Hope to see you this weekend! Tax-free essentially means there is a 5.3% sale on all these items. Everyone wins!
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