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FREE SHIPPING on orders $79+ with code "FreeShipping" + Curbside Pickup Available
FREE SHIPPING on orders $79+ with code "FreeShipping" + Curbside Pickup Available
Shop Local!

Shop Local!

Check out our top 10 reason to shop local and don't forget to scroll down to see all of our amazing

Here are 10 reasons why you should shop local this holiday!
  • 1) You're shopping local and keeping a Richmond business around.
  • 2) No shipping. No wait time. We even will have gift wrap available closer to the holidays.
  • 3) You're supporting a local business who GIVES BACK to the local community.
  • 4) This is a fun place to shop! (And it's in a cool building! Do you remember when it used to be Daryls?)
  • 5) You can SEE the merchandise, FEEL the merchandise and even try it on. You're not limited to just a few pictures.
  • 6) Incredibly knowledgeable staff. You don't need to read online reviews and then make a guess. Our staff will listen to what you're saying and point you in the direction of items that best suit your needs.
  • 7) We're a kid friendly place! There's so much to see here! Not to mention the Reindeer Shop is a great place to have your kids pick out their own gifts while you pick up their gifts without them seeing!
  • 8) We're pet friendly too! We love meeting your furry friends! Then your pet isn't stressed and you know you're pet is ok!
  • 9) Super friendly owners who are often around! If they're around they'll always say hello and might even give you a hug! They love hearing your stories of why you've been shopping here for years!
  • 10) You'll be able to find UNIQUE gifts for athletes AND sports enthusiasts in one trip!
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