try holding your breath t

Think Your Sport is Hard?

Do you think your sport is hard? Try being a swimmer, and do it holding your breath! That's the theme behind these clever T-shirts! You'll only find them here at Disco Sports, and we have them in both adult and kid's sizes. We even put them on sale for you! From $24.99 to $19.99! Come to think of it, we always have a sale on swimwear! Want to save that snazzy Speedo for the meet? Buy a practice suit! Like a bit of aquatic exercise? We've got a ton of stylish women's suits. Need goggles? Kid's goggles start at $11.99. Kickboards, fins, after-pool wear...We have the biggest selection in town, and pretty much everything in Swim-Land is a great deal! Swimming is one of our sports, so that's how we roll. try holding your breath t Goggles
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