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VA College Baseball on Twitter

VA College Baseball on Twitter

Are you a tweeter? Odds are you’ve spent at least a little time on Twitter, and you know just about everyone has an account – people and organizations alike. We certainly do! Colleges are no exception, and many have individual accounts for their athletics and even for each team. With baseball season kicking off, we thought we’d take a look around the Twitterverse and see who of the Virginia D1 schools have a Twitter account specifically for their baseball team. Turns out there’s a pretty good showing! Virginia Tech and VMI are conspicuous absences…maybe this is their year to get on the Twitter train.
  • UR Baseball – fresh off the registration page! We took the liberty of welcoming them.
  • UVA Baseball – well followed and active, no surprise given UVA’s strong records
  • Liberty Baseball – very active, and lots of links to articles
  • Radford Baseball – hasn’t updated since March 2010, but expect to see activity as the season starts up!
  • VCU Baseball – hasn’t updated since February 2010. May not be updated anymore, but worth keeping an eye on as the season starts.
  • VMI Athleics – not baseball-specific, but you can expect to see news from the team
  • Va. Tech Athletics – same situation, not baseball specific (but very active!)
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