VCU Rams Promote Math at Middle School

VCU Rams Promote Math at Middle School

We love seeing our local athletes giving back to the community. And we love the VCU Rams - not just the always-exciting men's basketball team, but all VCU athletics. They're a great source of pride in the Richmond area, and bring our local community closer together.

That's why it was really great to read this Midlothian Exchange story about members of the VCU Track & Field team visiting Providence Middle School. Why Providence? Certainly because they're a great local school in Chesterfield, but because they're Rams! So the VCU Rams met the Providence Rams to make a connection between math and athletics.

The Rams students and the Rams student-athletes participated in sports events in which they did timing and measurement, showing the deep connection between learning and understanding math and participating and watching sports. By all accounts the event was a great success, and just as VCU players remembered when they had similar visits in their elementary school days, we hope these kids grow up remembering their visit as their study and get involved with high school and college sports.

Student-athletes so often are our best and our brightest. One of so many reasons we love doing what we do! We get to see kids grow up and become role models like these. Keep it up!

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