The Virginia Hornets

The Virginia Hornets

"One Team...One Mission"

Ever heard of the Virginia Hornets? Established in 1994, The Virginia Hornets are Richmond's only Major League Football team. They have had two UFL Super Bowl Championships and in 2007, won the Metro Bowl National Championship.

This season is especially exciting for the Hornets as they will play their home games at the Richmond City Stadium. Also this season the team introduces their very own cheering squad named The HONEY.

The Virginia Hornets are unique in that they have a strong focus on their community they serve. The team values their motto, "One Team...One Mission." They stress the importance of family values and the need to make a positive impact on the lives of youth in the community.

Many of the Virginia Hornets are high school and college standouts or players that have faced setbacks in their path towards success. The opportunity to be a part of this special semi-pro football team gives the players a chance to play the sport that they love.

For a complete look at the Virginia Hornets' schedule, check out their website. Support our local team!

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