Women's Vionic Sandals

Women's Vionic Sandals

Back by popular demand, we have new Vionics stocked up!

Feet were designed to walk on soft, natural elements like soil and sand, not the hard, flat man-made surfaces that make up so much of our modern world. The Vionic sandals hug your arches like a natural footprint, giving you all-day support. Check out our selection!

Why should you choose Vionics?

All of our shoes come with trusted orthotic technology built right inside. This Orthaheel Technology is designed to provide you with proper alignment, which can help reduce common aches and pains by aligning you from the ground up.

Take a closer look at our selection

We carry the Samoa, The Hightide, The Pacific Rio in the color gold cork, and the Tide 11 in both black and bronze metallic.
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