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FREE SHIPPING on orders $79+ with code "FreeShipping" + Curbside Pickup Available

NFL Draft Day Contest

The NFL Draft this year is going to be a momentous occasion.  There aren't many sporting events on the calendar these days. 

To celebrate the NFL Draft this year we're hosting a little competition to see which one of you loves the NFL the most.  $100 gift card to top winner. We're looking forward to sharing in all the excitement of NFL Draft Day with all of you. 

Enter now with two ways to win a $50 or $100 gift card to Disco Sports, good for either our online or brick and mortar store. 

You can win by:

1.  Picking the first ten picks of the draft in order in the correct position OR  2.  if really want to GO BIG OR GO HOME.. Be the person to guess the most correct pick in the first 32 Picks. 



Must receive entries by 7:59 pm on Thursday April 23rd

$50 prize to person who wins the Top 10 picks

$25 for second place to the runner up for the Top 10 Picks

$100 prize to person who guesses the most correctly in the 1st round of 32.  

$25 prize to the person who is the runner up for the 1st round of 32

In case of a tie, we will give the winner and runner up to the person who submitted their picks to Disco Sports the soonest.  

It would be really great if you could spread the word.  Thanks, 

your friends at Disco Sports

email if you have any questions.