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Glittery Tiara Headband

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Color: Gold

When Princesses aren't sitting primly on their thrones, they need a tiara that will stay in place as they move about their realm. Whether she's visiting with her ladies-in-waiting, presiding over a special tea party with her court, or frolicking about with her subjects in some playground fun, her Glittery Tiara Headband will stay securely on her royal head. Great for Princesses of any age!

Each tiara measures approximately 5" across and rises approximately 2" at its highest point. The glittery elastic headband measures 16" relaxed, and stretches to about 20" in circumference.

The Glittery Tiara Headband is great for newborns (we recommend tying a knot in the back as needed to fit securely on her tiny head), up through most preteens. *Contains small parts that can be swallowed if detached. Please supervise small children while they wear this headband.*