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Rawlings 2022 11.5" R9 Series Baseball Glove

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Throwing Hand: Right Hand Throw

The first thing to know when you're dealing with a R9 glove is that you are getting a soft, yet high quality glove. This specific 11.5 inch glove will have the Narrow fitting from Rawlings which cinches up the wrist opening, but leaves the finger stalls at their standard size. This makes this glove a very enticing infield glove for players ranging in age from 8-14 years old. Lastly, if you get this glove, it can be broken in fast and then will be ready to make show-stopping plays!

  • 11.5 Inch Length

  • Recommended For Infielders (Second Base, Shortstop and Third Base)

  • Very Little Break-in Required; Nearly Game Ready (Only 20% of Break-In Will Be Left To Player)

  • Designed For An Adolescent And Teenaged Hand (Wrist Is Set To Tightest Wrist Opening And Will Only Fit Smaller Adult Hands; Considered A Narrow Fit Glove)

  • I-Web

  • 314 Pattern - 11.5 Inch Length. Slightly Deeper Pocket Than The Flat NP Gloves And Wider Pocket Than The 200 Gloves. Closes Thumb To Middle And 4th Finger.

  • Soft & Durable, All Leather Shell

  • Colorway: Black | Gold

  • Conventional Open Back

  • Reinforced Palm Pad For Impact Reduction

  • Padded Thumb Loop For Added Protection

  • Padded Fingerback Liners For A Soft, Comfortable Feel