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Wonderful World of Swim

Friday, November 2nd, 2018





Here at Disco Sports, we’ve been serving local swimmers since 1970 and this season is no different. We are fully stocked year-round for Swim season! All the goggles in every color you could want.  Bungees, practice suits, new Dolfin Uglies! New Speedo Swim bags in fun colors. Speedo, TYR, Arena and Amanzi Swimcaps and mesh bags to store all your gear.  New Aquatic Fitness suits for the water aerobics or lap swimming queens in extended sizes too!

Need help finding the right gear for you? Our friendly staff will help you choose the perfect suit based on your style and body type. Swimsuit fit can make or break your time in the pool and we cater to both competitive and Aquatic Fitness swimmers. Our personalized fitting service means that you won’t have to run back and forth from the dressing room. Also, check out our aquatic fitness department with a more modest fit and support for water aerobics or lap swimming.

And the best part…we always have suits on sale!

Stock up on everything you need from swim caps, fins, paddles, kickboards, and swim bags. EVERYTHING you need for your workout!

Interested in outfitting a swim team? Contact Karen Lynn – (804) 285-4242

Ready to keep your New Year’s Resolution this year?

Friday, January 9th, 2015

How many years have come and gone now that began with a new year’s resolution to get active, get fit, loose some weight, and stay healthy? And how many of those years have you actually stuck to your resolution?

Never been a fan of running? Hate going to the gym? One of the best total body workouts you can give your body is swimming. With many indoor pools open in the greater Richmond area, you can easily achieve your fitness goals, but first you’ll need the appropriate gear!

Disco Sports offers a wide range of goggles, swim caps, and men’s and women’s swimsuits to keep you prepared and motivated to make keeping your resolution easier than ever. Have fun, get healthy, and join a community of swimmers who are passionate about their sport! Join a pool and check out our swimwear at Disco Sports to get ready to discover your healthiest and happiest you.

Commit to your resolution this year and stock up on the supplies you need to keep you motivated! Stop by the store or check out discosportsshop.com to see what all we’ve got to offer.

Disco Swimming at Collegiate Aquatics Center

Friday, March 9th, 2012

We’re so proud and excited to be the official vendor for the Greater Richmond Aquatic Partnership Collegiate School Aquatic Center (What a mouthful! We’ll call it “the pool”).

We’ll be on hand for every meet – we’ll basically have a second store set up on southside!

Can’t WAIT to see everyone there!

Keep an eye out for this sign and you’ll find us.

The 2012 Swim Team Catalog

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Download out the 2012 Disco Sports Swim Catalog – Click Here!

Summer swim season is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s one of our very favorite times of the year – all our swimmers come in excited for the summer and the season and we get to show off the new goods for the year.

We’ve gotten our e-catalog of all our swimming gear ready for the occasion, and we’re sending it out now. It has all of the latest suits for summer swim teams to choose from, plus the first few pages have info about all of the other items we carry for swim teams such as spirit wear, trophies, ribbons and fundraising ideas for your swim team.

We’ve been in the competitive swim business for  40 years.  We know our stuff!

Like a Motorcycle Without a Helmet

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Lets say you have a really nice motorcycle.  It’s a beautiful day so you decide to go for a ride.  The mountains are calling so you prepare to hit the highway.  Wallet?  Check.  Cell phone?  Check.  Map?  Check.  Gas?  Check.  Helmet?  Nah; don’t need it.

Don’t need a helmet?  “I like the wind in my hair.”  Won’t it protect you?  “It obscures my vision and I can’t see other cars.”  But doesn’t it have a big, wide visor?  “Fogs up in the cool mountain air.”  Aren’t you worried?  “I’ll roll the dice.”

As ridiculous as this sounds, this very argument is going on right now in the Field Hockey world.  As our local teams get ready for playoffs it is extremely pertinent!

In April the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) mandated that all high school field hockey players be required to wear protective eyewear.  They advised that 2 types of eyewear were acceptable:  polycarbonate lens style and wire frame style.  They also state that the equipment must meet the ASTM standard.

The ASTM is the American Society for Testing and Materials.  They test and break and come up with suitable codes and standards for everything from automobile tires to construction beams to aircraft materials.  They also create the standards for things like football helmets, allowable compression of baseballs, and protective eyewear for field hockey players.

The ASTM studied field hockey balls, sticks, players, velocities, fields, weather conditions, et cetera, et al.  They looked at the strength of materials, and they looked at the amount of vision obstruction by design and by materials.  If a lens created too much “haze and luminous transmittance” it was deemed unacceptable.

The NFHS accepted the ASTM findings as “word from the mountaintop” and made a ruling.  Many players, coaches, and parents are now questioning the decision.  One group is so passionate that they created a website, goggleinjury.com, that tracks and reports injuries and complaints about the wearing of certain types of protective eyewear.  Their argument, and the argument of many others, is that the cage-style eyewear chosen by many players is inappropriate to the game and is more danger than it’s worth.  Many of the cage-style goggles were designed for lacrosse, which is an air game, whereas field hockey is a ground game.  They say that the goggles limit vision to the ground and air, which causes more collisions with players and sticks.   They also began tracking the number of players needing stitches because of a collision with another players mask.

A recent article in the Virginia Pilot discussed just that.  Still in preseason practice, two girls were sent for stitching up as a result of collisions with sticks and goggles.  Other articles point to the idea that players wearing protective gear take bigger risks.  An important aspect of field hockey is peripheral vision, and the constant search through a cage for the ball changes ones awareness of the field of play.  Arguments against also point to the fact that wire cages rust, and any player with a contusion caused by contact with a cage would also now require a tetanus shot.

The NFHS is concerned with one thing:  player safety.  The ASTM is concerned with one thing:  the integrity of a product.  And as many groups that are out there arguing against the field hockey ruling, there are reputable groups backing up the NFHS.  The Connecticut State Medical Society studied and reported on field hockey injuries, and stated that while eye injuries were rare, the use of protective eyewear was in the best interest of the state’s high school field hockey players.

When playing football, you wear a helmet.  You wear one that fits, one that is current and sound, and you use it to protect.  You’d be silly to face a good baseball pitcher without a good helmet.  Soccer strikers sport shin guards and a volleyball dig is an exercise in pain without kneepads.  When football was in its infancy, the helmet, if used at all, was a little leather cap.  Technology and study have made it better and fewer players are injured as a result.  Perhaps technology will come along and make something better for field hockey goggles.  Until it does, we say strap them on!  Why roll the dice with your eyesight if a sure thing is available?  That’s why we sell them.