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MLS Has Arrived at Disco Sports

Thursday, March 12th, 2015

Hey all you soccer fans– MLS gear has officially arrived in the Disco Sports Shop!

The MLS started its 20th season this past week and we’re all stocked up on the latest gear from your favorite teams. You can find DC United, New York Red Bull, LA Galaxy, and NY City FC both in store and online. Whether you’re traveling to a game to support your team or if you just want to make a statement after last night’s victory, we’ve got what you need to make sure everyone knows where your loyalty lies.

Here’s a season schedule (http://www.mlssoccer.com/schedule) and here’s where you can find the games on TV (http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/thegoalkeeper/2015-Major-League-Soccer-national-television-schedule.html), so mark your calendars and make sure you stop by the Disco Sports Shop and gear up before the season is in full-swing!


Have You Gotten In The Game?

Friday, October 14th, 2011

The Brewers are giving it to the Cards, and the Tigers are trying to hold off Texas.  Will Vick make things easy for the Redskins and is Romo going to be a No-Show at the Patriots?  The Hokies face Wake without their starting linebacker and more tough ones are on the horizon.  There’s a whole lot going on in sports right now!

We’ve told you about your favorite teams.  We’ve broken down the history of your biggest rivalries.  We’ve thrown our two cents about the fashion sense of some of your teams (although some of those uniforms were worth tossing a dollar bill!).

Now, are YOU in the Game?

The best way to represent your favorite team is by wearing their colors, and we’ve got them!  If you need a Redskins Jersey, we’ve got it.  Prepping for the World Series but you’re a Nationals fan?  Come in an grab a ball cap.  Hokie?  Grab a hoodie. Missing Charlottesville?  Curl up and fall asleep in some Cavalier jammies.

Jerseys, Tees, Hats, and Hoodies.  Coolers, Coozies, Caps, and Coasters.  We can cover you in your team from head to toe!

Heck, we’ve even got Yo-Yo’s.

It doesn’t matter who your team is, we’ve got your gear.  From head to toe!

Stop by and see us, grab some stuff, and get in the Game!  You’d better hurry up, though;  basketball season is right around the corner!


Fall Sports in August’s Heat?

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

We’re gearing up for fall sports.  Hopefully we’re gearing you up too!  Some folks have started their football camps already!  You know we’re ready for football!

We beat you over the head a few weeks ago with information about the dangers of concussion. As we see our little folks run around in this oppressive August heat we thought we’d share some information about the dangers of excessive exposure to the heat.

There have already been some reports this year of young players suffering from the heat.  In a few tragic cases death has resulted.

There are a few degrees of heat exposure.  Heat cramp, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke.  At first your body begins to cramp, you will lose your ability to regulate your body temperature, your internal temperature could rise as high as 106, and then it begins to get deadly.  If an athlete experiences nausea, blurred vision, or confusion then he or she is in serious trouble and needs immediate medical attention.

The first thing that you want to secure is access to water.  Clean, fresh water.  A responsible organization will provide coolers full of it.  It should be readily accessible and frequent breaks should be provided to hydrate.  As we sweat we lose valuable sodium and electrolytes and certain sports drinks can help to replace these.  Read your label, though, as certain “sports” drinks contain caffeine and other not so healthy things.  These troublemakers are in there to provide quick energy but they speed up metabolism and can exaggerate the effects of heat.  This is also something to be aware of in any medications that the player is taking.  Meds for asthma and allergies often contain bronchodilators, which can speed up the metabolism.

Many foods contain a lot of water.  Most fruits, like watermelon, are mostly water.  Look also for food and snacks that are mineral-rich and loaded with good salts and some easy carbs for energy.

There is a rare but deadly consequence of too much water:  hyponatremia.  This is an imbalance in the levels of sodium and fluids in the body.  If a player has been sweating heavily and then ingests large amounts of fluid without balancing the amount of sodium the cells of the body will swell.  This becomes deadly as the brain cells swell, as the skull doesn’t give the brain a lot of room to move around.

When is the coach holding practice?  Be aware that the majority of heat incidents occur during the first couple of days of practice.  Players need to get acclimated to the heat.  Just because they’ve been at the beach or chasing sprinklers all summer doesn’t mean they’re ready for a full-out with pads practice.  You should also become a weather expert!  You can create your own heat index to decide how you want your player to participate.  A good and easy rule of thumb is to do the “Sum” equation.  Look at the weather and add the temperature to the humidity.  If it’s 85 degrees and the relative humidity is 70% you have a sum of 155.  Good to practice but keep your eyes open.  As you get above a Sum of 160 you need to be really vigilant.  If it gets up to 180 you should encourage the organization to cancel or reschedule the event.  A smart coach will try to get most activities going early in the morning so that most strenuous activity is done before the afternoon heat really kicks in.

Uniform also plays a role.  Is the coach going full-pads?  Shorts and fishnet jerseys are good.  For football or other sports requiring helmets they should be used sparingly and sunscreen is still a must.  If a shirt or jersey becomes too wet due to sweat it should be changed as this will trap heat.

Most of all:  watch.  Learn the warning signs and monitor the practice!  Fall sports are fun but they don’t need to be dangerous!



Are You Ready for some Football?

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

As the mercury climbs and climbs it sounds ridiculous but yes, we are ready for some FOOTBALL!  Conditioning has already begun for some groups and schools.  We’ve already set up some Team Nights at the store.

We’ve been at this for over 40 years and we get pretty jazzed about team sports.  We grew up playing and coaching and cheering.  It’s what we do.  We have a specialized Team Sales staff to handle your group and as players and coaches and fans we know exactly what you need to kick off your season in high gear.  No need to wander the mega-store looking for a salesperson.  Our guys are pretty serious about our gear and will get you set up with exactly what you need and make sure it’s the precise fit for your player.  We also do embroidery so your team will hit the gridiron in style.

When you set up a Team Night we invite you to the store, you get a 15% discount on all of your football equipment and we give a rebate back to your organization.  Lets be honest:  we’re fans.

Need cleats for the growing feet?  Got ‘em.  New helmet to protect against concussion?  No brainer.  Shoulder pads, practice pants, pads, guards?  Yep.  Under Armour?  Head to toe.  Shock Doctor Mouthguard?  Who you tellin’?  We have all that stuff and a whole lot more!

If you would like to set up a Team Night contact Gail Held or the head of our Team Sales Department, Pete Johnson.  They are both at the store at 285-4242.  You could always drop on by.  Big blue place on Starling Drive.  Can’t miss it.

Gear up right!  We’ve got you covered…In football gear!