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Shaka Smart Stays At VCU

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

No matter how much we profess our love for Shaka Smart and what his VCU Rams basketball team has been able to do over the past few years, we all knew there was a good chance he would be lured out of Richmond.

And no matter how much that would have stung the city, no one could have blamed him for leaving.

Those of us who follow sports hear the line all the time; “sports is a business.” As a coach, you are in the BUSINESS of running a basketball team. When professional opportunities comes, they might not come again. You absolutely can’t fault a guy for taking a new position he thinks will ultimately be better for his career and his family.

That’s why we, reluctantly, were prepared for Coach Smart to pack his bags when it became clear he was the University of Illinois’ number one candidate. While VCU had payed him well after last year’s Final Four performance, UI is bigger program with a bigger history and a bigger budget. A real chance for Shaka, in the eyes of many, to move up in the basketball echelons.


But every now and then, you are reminded that there is no higher calling than happiness. Shaka explained why he turned down a reported $2.5 million/year offer to stay at VCU in an interview:

“My family is really, really happy in the city of Richmond. We have a great group of guys. We have some of the best fans in the country. It’s just a great situation.”

“A coach told me a long time ago, don’t run away from happiness, and that’s what we have at VCU.”

Music to our ears. If we might be so bold as to speak for the people of Richmond; we’re really, really happy you’re here.

Gift some Gear for Your Graduate!

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for many of our college friends and we certainly want to give a shout out to all of our new graduates!  Remember, though; it’s a cycle and all of these new graduates means lots of room for some excited freshmen!

If you’re planning to head off to school in the fall or you’re just leaving we have a great, fresh selection of apparel and gifts to represent your alma mater!

We have jerseys, hats, sweats, tees, covering you head to toe.  Need a frosty beverage?  We have a new selection of insulated Turvis logo tumblers.  Represent as you travel with a cool team decal on your car or truck!

If you’re a Ram or a Hokie, a Cav or a Mountaineer, A Spider or a (gasp) Blue Devil:  we have your gear so that you can show your school pride!  Stop by the store.  We’re sure to have your team covered!

Disco Sports Loves VCU!

Monday, April 4th, 2011

To get to do what we love every day – supporting the Richmond sports community and the fine people in it – is already such an awesome thing. But every now and then we get to experience a big sports event with Richmond that is a whirlwind of activity, excitement, and hometown pride – and for these special occasions we’re the luckiest little sports shop in the world. VCU’s run in this year’s NCAA Tournament was amongst the most exciting we’ve ever seen – and the first time we’ve had a blog to say thank you – to VCU and to the people of Richmond.

Of course March Madness is always an exciting time for us here – everyone gets excited about their favorite teams, we get to talk match-ups and brackets with customers all day, and it’s just a good time to be a sports fan.But this year was something special when UofR and VCU received their bids. Then the Richmond Schools Upset Spectacular began, and we were off to the races.

Right from the selection special we saw the excitement start boiling. That’s what’s so great about working at a sports store – the store becomes a hub of sports enthusiasts whenever anything exciting is going on. With two teams in the Sweet Sixteen, the City of Richmond was getting national media attention we’ve rarely had in the sports world. We already knew it, but now everyone else was finding out too – Richmond is a city with a lot of passionate and proud citizens.

VCU’s run was something special. From the widespread doubt about their selection to the extra first round game they had to play – VCU played with something to prove. And what they proved was they could stand toe to toe with any team in the nation – and win convincingly. At the same time, the VCU student body and the City of Richmond proved they could show the kind of passion and dedication to their team usually associated with programs like UNC and Kansas.

It was our distinct pleasure to be a part of it with you all, Richmonders. And to the team: congratulations on what was an amazing tournament run, and thank you for inspiring levels of Richmond and VCU pride unlike anything I’ve seen before.

I must say, I think I could get used to this hyper-level of RVA/VCU pride!

Richmond and VCU in the Sweet Sixteen!

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Sixteen teams, fifteen cities. Richmond has now become only the THIRD city since 1985 (when the tournament was expanded to 64 teams) to have two teams in the Sweet Sixteen round of the NCAA Tournament. It has happened five times since 1985, once in Pittsburg, three times in Los Angeles (UCLA, naturally, being 1 of the teams each time), and once in Richmond. Big thanks to Ross Catrow of Chartsandgraphs at RVANews for doing the research there.

Long story short, it’s been quite a tournament! It started in the (newly named) First Round of four in which VCU fought and won their place in the tournament over USC – silencing many who were critical of VCU’s selection. In the second round we watched 12-seed Richmond upset 5-seed Vanderbilt in a thrilling close win, only to be treated to 11-seed VCU’s domination of 6-seed Georgetown the next day. Things only got better in the Round of 32. Richmond and Moorehead (fresh off their own big upset over 4-seed Louisville) faced off in a matchup of underdogs, in which Richmond rolled on to a commanding victory. Was there ever any doubt VCU would beat 3-seed Purdue? It sure didn’t seem like it as VCU took charge and lead almost the entire game, winning convincingly 94-76.

VCU will take on the victor of yet another seed upset in the Southwest, 10-seed FSU. The Seminoles will be confident; having just beaten 2-seed Notre Dame – but so will the Rams. Meanwhile, Richmond will look to add the potentially biggest upset of the tournament to their already impressive resume – a victory over 1-seed powerhouse, Kansas. Both games will take place on the 25th, with Richmond tipping off at 7:27pm and VCU at 9:57pm.

If both Richmond team are victorious, they will face each other in the Elite Eight. And what an Elite Eight it could be!