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We’re Going To Need a Bigger Store

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

With all of the recent sporting news and tournaments, we’re trying to keep up with our gear.  The Redskins may bring training camp right here to Richmond, players like Peyton Manning are switching teams, and it’s March Madness Time.  We’re going to need a bigger store for all of the new shirts and jerseys that we’re going to have to carry.

Redskins owner Daniel Snyder upset his constituents with his seeming disregard for the 2010 Salary Cap restrictions.  Everyone else tried to play fair, and Snyder, true to form, threw some more money into the air.

They did manage to sign some decent wide receivers, and those players will hopefully make welcome targets for Robert Griffin III, the Baylor quarterback that the Redskins hope to pick up in the upcoming draft.  Griffin seems like a good kid, and is the son of not one, but two U.S. Army parents who instilled in him a strong work ethic and a military discipline.  He won the Heisman Trophy, but then again, so did Chris Weinke and Gino Torretta.  Still, a refreshing change from the Albert Haynesworth days.

In other news, Peyton Manning had a productive meeting with the Tennessee Titans.  An 8-hour productive meeting.  He had been rumored to be heading to Washington, and then south Florida.  The Dolphins will be fighting for Manning with the Broncos and the Cardinals, but Manning already has some connections with Tennessee.   He played his college ball at the University of Tennessee, and it’s not that far from Indy, where he still has a home and plenty of connections.

In more local news, we’re getting ready to catch the VCU game.

VCU is often touted as an underdog, but they’re about the best in the country in defense, and they’ve actually gotten better since Shaka Smart led them to March Madness last year.  Many are pointing out that the Rams lost many of their players from last year, but they still have a leader in Bradford Burgess, a return from last year’s team.  VCU is also coming off of a great CAA run, which is great prep for an NCAA run.  And while the odds are stacked highly against them, they did finish their regular season 17-1.

We’re going to be pulling for our guys to get their offense going, and hopefully keeping a powerful Wichita State from racking up points.  And lest you forget, the Lady Rams are hitting Bowling Green at 7 p.m.  Couldn’t find a listing for a broadcast, but you can follow the ladies on twitter @vcuwbb.  Give them some love.

We’re going to be wearing our CAA Championship shirts, and hopefully we can order up some NCAA Championship versions!CAA Champ shirt

Just Play the Game and Roll With It

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

A late season interview with a member of the Washington Redskins heard him remark that a win (while rare for the ‘Skins this season) was fun.  They just played the game, had some fun, and rolled with it.  Some recent antics in sports would seem to dispute that sentiment.

In a game that was billed as the “Crosstown Shootout”, local rivals Xavier and Cincinnati faced off in an annual hoops contest.  Both schools are in Cincinnati, and the annual game is looked forward to by many, much like a VCU vs. U of R game here.

In interviews and on social media during the week leading up to the game there was a significant amount of jawing and braggadocio.  Players and fans of both schools claimed prowess and challenged their opponent’s abilities.  Then came game time.

After Xavier led most of the game and seemed to have victory in hand, the verbal taunting that had ruled the contest blew up into a physical altercation.  With less than 5 seconds left in the game, a Xavier player pushed a Cincinnati player, benches cleared, and fisticuffs ensued.  Players grappled, swung, kicked, and coaches struggled to clear the floor.  In a most egregious display, one player was caught with a blindside punch that left him on the floor, and as he struggled to cover himself was kicked repeatedly.  The end of the melee saw a player standing on the scorer’s table celebrating with the crowd.  At this point, referees called the game.

Things got really interesting after brawl.  For some inexplicable reason, Xavier coach Chris Mack made some of his players available for a post-game news conference.  Tu Holloway of Xavier, who was the celebrant of the scorer’s table, said that their behavior was to be expected.  “That’s what you’re going to see.  We’ve got a whole bunch of gangsters in our locker room.  That’s what we said we were going to do, zip ‘em up,” said Holloway.  Like, zip up a body bag?  Because that’s what gangsters do?

Did we mention that Xavier is a 180-year old Jesuit, Catholic school?

It was a little different across the hall.  Cincinnati coach Mick Cronin lit into his squad and took away their jerseys.  They didn’t deserve them.  He then went in front of the cameras and lamented that most of his squad would be lucky to be representing the school come Monday.  More to the point, he would be lucky to be coaching the team.  Cronin told reporters, “It’s a complete embarrassment no matter who started what.  Toughness is doing the right thing.  True toughness, you walk away from it.”

An Ohio prosecutor was considering pressing charges against some of the aggressors in the brawl.  He later declined to move forward as the schools seemed to have things in hand.  Yancy Gates, who knocked Kenny Frease to the floor with the blindside, received a 6 game suspension.  Tu Holloway, a brazen ringleader, was suspended for one game.


In 2009, Oregon Ducks running back LeGarrette Blount punched an opposing player after a game.  He was “suspended” for the rest of the year.  He ended up sitting out ten games and is now a Tampa Bay Buccaneer.

Texas Ranger Yorvit Torrealba is keeping in shape this winter by playing in Venezuela.  It was there that the catcher struck an umpire after striking out.  Venezuela has suspended him for 66 games, which is effectively the rest of this year and next season.  Major League Baseball and commish Bud Selig are “looking into it”.

James Harrison of the Pittsburg Steelers and Ndamukong Suh of the Detroit Lions have been fined, chastised, suspended, and vilified.  Both use questionable tactics, but in Suh’s case, he was actually suspended for stomping on a player after a whistle.  Harrison has survived by paying several hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

And at last we see the return of the NBA.

Players and owners went back and forth for months to see who was greedier.  Just when Disco Sports fans thought all was lost, they came to terms.   Our Christmas gift this year was to get to watch some professional basketball.  In their first game of a ridiculously short season, Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics put his massive hand around an opposing player’s throat.  Perhaps he mistook the nape for a Spaulding.  Kevin’s penalty?  Nada.

If any of these players were gloved up and squaring off in the Octagon then some of this would make some sense.  But it doesn’t.  The New York Times recently did a series on Derek Boogaard, an “enforcer” in the NHL.  An average skater and mediocre stick-man, Boogaard was, at well over 6 and a half feet, respected for his fists.  In a career that took him from Minor League Canadian hockey to the New York Rangers, he played in almost 300 games, scored less than 20 points, and spent over 600 minutes in the penalty box.  He died of a drug overdose of painkillers mixed with alcohol and an autopsy showed a degenerative brain condition caused by concussion.  He was 28.  At least one NHL player has admitted to retiring rather than having to face Boogaard on the ice.

Not a fan of the hockey fight, either.

If two people in a parking lot contested the same parking space and an altercation ensued, there would be consequences.  If one shopper sucker-punched another, charges would be pressed.  If a dispute at the drive-through saw a driver reaching through the window and choking the attendant, someone would be facing jail time.

“sport:  (spohrt) noun:  diversion; recreation; pleasant pastime.  an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess.”

It’s fun.  Just play the game and roll with it.





Have You Gotten In The Game?

Friday, October 14th, 2011

The Brewers are giving it to the Cards, and the Tigers are trying to hold off Texas.  Will Vick make things easy for the Redskins and is Romo going to be a No-Show at the Patriots?  The Hokies face Wake without their starting linebacker and more tough ones are on the horizon.  There’s a whole lot going on in sports right now!

We’ve told you about your favorite teams.  We’ve broken down the history of your biggest rivalries.  We’ve thrown our two cents about the fashion sense of some of your teams (although some of those uniforms were worth tossing a dollar bill!).

Now, are YOU in the Game?

The best way to represent your favorite team is by wearing their colors, and we’ve got them!  If you need a Redskins Jersey, we’ve got it.  Prepping for the World Series but you’re a Nationals fan?  Come in an grab a ball cap.  Hokie?  Grab a hoodie. Missing Charlottesville?  Curl up and fall asleep in some Cavalier jammies.

Jerseys, Tees, Hats, and Hoodies.  Coolers, Coozies, Caps, and Coasters.  We can cover you in your team from head to toe!

Heck, we’ve even got Yo-Yo’s.

It doesn’t matter who your team is, we’ve got your gear.  From head to toe!

Stop by and see us, grab some stuff, and get in the Game!  You’d better hurry up, though;  basketball season is right around the corner!


There’s a reason it’s called a “Game”

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

My name is Chris Crews.  First time blogger here, long time Disco Sports fan.

I grew up in Washington, D.C. and while it hasn’t always been easy I am a lifelong Redskin’s fan.

I try to follow some of my teams but don’t get a lot of time to watch on TV.  I did, however, see some of the ugly antics in the NBA playoffs.  Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum and Ron Artest should be ashamed of themselves.

If you take a quick stroll through Sports Illustrated online the headlines are saddening.  Aside from the mayhem in the NBA:  Nascar drivers are fined for a pit road brawl.  Hockey players are fined for cheap shots.  College football players are suspended for off campus arrests.  Soccer’s World Cup is cheapened by a vote buying scandal.  Baseball benches clear after an exchange of words on a routine play.  The only sport without a serious scandal or infraction at the top of the headlines is Mixed Martial Arts.  Go figure.

YouTube isn’t much better.  On any given day you can find video of some sort of brawl, fight, melee, ruckus or riot.  I’ve seen footage of European soccer houligans but lately the scenes are at the college and frighteningly the high school level!

When I was a kid I wanted to throw like Sonny Jurgensen, hit like Eddie Murray and drive like Petty.  My child today is watching his stars throw equipment, hit opposing players and get arrested for drunk driving.  Some role models, huh?

I’m all for my kid being involved in a team sport.  I think it teaches him a great deal about commitment, integrity, passion, and cooperation.  I guess my job is to teach him sportsmanship.  Most of our professional sports started out as gentleman’s games.  Today there is a great shortage of gentlemen, but they are still called games.